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Congratulations, you have reached the perfect place for your event.

Situated only 15-minutes drive from Tel Aviv and set amidst a rural setting of a eucalyptus grove, with a large pergola and garden overlooking open landscape, Maarava dares to redefine the culinary art and style of catered events.

Welcome to Maarava, a story told by Chef Ran Shmueli. The venue where anytime is the perfect time for an event. 

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The Chef, Kitchen and Food

The guiding principle of Chef Ran Shmueli’s kitchen is the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients at their peak – a true “Farm-to-Table” cuisine. Fresh produce arrives daily to our kitchen, and herbs are hand-picked from our garden.

Not only fresh, quality ingredients shape our menu – you do as well!

we’ll sit down together and define a creative culinary concept especially for your big day.

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קייטרינג רן שמואלי

Ma’arava Grounds

The event venue at Kibbutz Ga’ash connects three distinct areas, each offering a completely different experience. The eucalyptus boulevard will open your heart upon arrival, the pergola and garden will take you on a small journey into nature with a view that extends to the horizon, and the hall will be the place for an exceptional culinary experience and a lively party.

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The Venue for All Events

Whether it’s a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, business event, party, or any other joyous occasion – you know exactly how you want your event to look. We are here to accompany you down to the last detail and make your dreams come true. The interconnected and modular spaces offer design flexibility that will allow you to modify the venue according to your aesthetics and style. In addition, the best professionals in the field will accompany you in every aspect of the production stages so that you can celebrate and enjoy with peace of mind.


Weddings and Private Events

Corporate Events

חתן וכלה

The Bar

The bar at “Maarava” is the trendy cocktail bar where you’d want to spend a fun evening with friends. In the spirit of Farm-to-Table, our bartenders and mixologists use fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs to create delicious and refreshing cocktails tailored to your guests. For those who like their drink pure, whiskey, vodka, tequila, wines, and beers from leading beverage brands await at the bar. You will enjoy this alcohol celebration in two locations – the southern plaza and the hall, ensuring there won’t be a single moment in the event where the drinks aren’t flowing.

Our Staff

Ran Shmueli’s story was not written alone. Years of work, including one of the leading catering services in the country, the successful restaurant “Claro”, and many other culinary initiatives, helped gather around him the best people into a solid, professional team. When you celebrate at “Maarava”, this experienced team that works to an uncompromising standard will accompany you personally, and distill your wishes into a meticulous event, exactly as you dreamed.

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